February 28, 2010

to make you laugh

"miss charissa, it is my job in life to make you laugh."

the other day one of the little 5-year-old boys in my class was being really cute and funny. i told him that he made me laugh, and that's when he said the above quote. it was so sweet to think that this little boy delights in trying to bring a smile to my face, and thinking about that idea is when i started questioning my own life and my own motivations. do i delight in making other people laugh? does it bring me joy to see smiles on other people's faces? or is it that sometimes i am secretly happy when someone in a high position falls a little bit or when i hear that interesting story about someone who appeared to "have it all together?" i thought about how different life would be if we went about it with a mindset of encouraging other people all the time. i believe life would be so different if we always tried to see the best in people and to lift their spirits...to make them laugh and smile and just bring joy and light into their lives. so starting today, it is my personal vendetta to encourage others and to edify them in the way i live.
"therefore encourage one another and build each other up." 1 thessalonians 5:11