April 30, 2010

let the sunshine in

"the light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it." john 1:5

they had a beautiful baby girl. she was perfect and they loved her. she grew up to be a little girl, and soon they saw that everyone loved her, too. as she grew, she started shining. she left light wherever she went, and everyone she touched left with an aura of brightness. she became a young woman, and her shine became contagious. her brilliance started an epidemic that soon possessed everyone she met...and one day she met a boy. this boy truly needed her brightness, and she could see it...so she shared it. but the more she tried to share the brightness, the more the boy tried to suffocate it. and the more he tried to suffocate it, the more he realized he couldn't because it came from something greater than himself. so in an effort to take her brightness, he took her life...this baby girl with curly toes and dimples in her cheeks who had grown into a woman full of beauty, life, and promise. but his mistake was thinking her shine was mortal, temporary, extinguishable. through her death, her brightness was reborn and extended to people she never even knew.

as i hugged her mother today and led songs of praise to GOD with 40 of my friends on her front porch, i realized the impact of the light. on the one year anniversary of her death, she indirectly brought life...over 40 lives joined together on a porch, feeling the wind before the rain and lifting our hearts in song. lifting the burden of the sorrow and weight of a murder, something only the power of the blood can do. feeling the betrayal of a best friend, a husband, the boy she sought to share life and light with. and on a day when hearts should be as gloomy as the sky, there was a shine.

i think satan would like nothing better than for light to attach itself to darkness so that it might suffocate it. i think satan would like nothing better for us to do to each other what he did to CHRIST. but his mistake was thinking HIS shine was mortal, temporary, extinguishable. satan seeks to take away our mortal life hoping it will diminish the eternal. in a figurative way he tries to take our life by killing our joy, our spirit, and our shine. he hopes that in our efforts to change people's lives and bring them closer to CHRIST that instead they will be the superior and stronger and bring us down...suffocating us figuratively and taking our brightness. he uses dementors to suck our life, but instead of dressing in black cloaks and bringing forth a chill they are hidden in the warmth of our everyday acquaintances, best friendships, and intimate relationships. they ever so slowly seek to blow out our light, to remove our joy, to kill our spirit and love for the source of our light.

does this mean that we avoid the darkness altogether and only associate with the light? by no means! but it does mean that we yoke ourselves evenly with someone who promotes our shine if not making us shine even brighter. it means that we prepare ourselves to be as innocent as doves but at the same time as shrewd as serpents. innocence is not the same as naiveté, and we are to be ready for whatever we might face. and along with that we are to surround ourselves in the company of others who hold the light and with the presence of the LORD.

"and what does the LORD require of you? to act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your GOD." micah 6:8

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