May 2, 2010

dream big

i believe that new year's resolutions can happen at any time of the year. therefore, i am going to post my goals or resolutions that i have made for this summer, and sometime in august i will post my results. i figure if i post them on here for you to see it will help motivate me and keep me accountable, so thanks!

i want to/will (in no particular order):
1) read the entire bible through this summer (mid-may to mid-august).
2) read 20 books i have always wanted to read.
3) go somewhere i have never gone.
4) take a road trip.
5) drink absolutely no soda.
6) wear my retainer every night (straight teeth is serious business).
7) finish getting in shape from last summer.
8) unclutter and organize four years of college collecting and acquiring.
9) do something completely creative and artistic.
10) milk a cow.
11) dance with someone in the rain.
12) ride a horse.
13) tell 10 people about this guy named JESUS.
14) make an unlikely friend.
15) reunite with long-lost friends.
16) start a relationship with ebay.
17) make a music video.
18) do something completely for someone else.
19) concentrate on face-to-face communication and phone calls.
20) eat something not previously eaten.

i realize that 20 is a big number, but i think even if i don't reach all of them, it is good to aim high. so stay tuned!

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