May 13, 2010

getting back on the right foot

"be with me LORD, i cannot live without thee. i dare not try to take one step alone."

this song took on a new appreciation for me today as i broke my right ankle. i am now referring to this break as my "summer break," so here is the breaking news... i was playing with my mom's 3rd grade class at field day and was coaxed by the little ones to do the long jump in the sand. i, of course, was the biggest kid there, and everyone knows that the biggest kid has to go the farthest. i got a great running start, took a giant leap, landed, and heard a magnificent pop that i will never forget as long as i live. i then felt part of my ankle move without the rest of it moving and yelled the most important word that any 22-year-old person could yell in such a situation...MOM! countless people came to my rescue: the school nurse brought me ice, the 3rd graders surrounded me and told me hilarious stories and comforted me, people i did not even know prayed with me. and as i sat there in the sand, knowing that my ankle was broken and watching it swell to the size of a baseball, i sang "be with me LORD."

i love wit and irony, and i was amazed at the hymn that popped into my head. "i dare not try to take one step alone." how true! i learned several lessons while thinking about getting back on the right foot...

1) sometimes we all need to be helpless. i am a very independent person. whether it be organizing something or working on a project, i am the type of person that likes doing things by myself. so when i physically am not able to walk, i see the beauty in being helpless, having to rely on other people for everything.

2) sometimes we need to be humble. in my life, whenever i have tried to be the best at something i am always humbled. it's silly to think how we try to impress other people so often and how GOD uses those times to feed us a dose of humble pie. it just shows that GOD lifts up the humble and also teaches us our limits as human beings, that we can't do everything and that our value is not based on our performance.

3) sometimes we need to let GOD take the reigns and steer our path. i had all these plans i had in mind for this summer, and let me tell you that the summer has now taken a new direction. but that is beautiful to me because who knows how GOD will use this "summer break." my plans will all change, and different things will come from this situation. and as i realize the blessings that come from this, i am going to post them on here. i have always heard, "if you want to make GOD laugh, tell HIM your plans." my plans are taking a detour, and i can't wait to see where it leads.

everything happens for a reason, and GOD is in control. although i have no idea of the purpose of breaking my ankle during the first week of my summer, i know that it will be revealed. stay posted for the blessings to come from my summer break and my struggle to get back on the right foot.

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  1. oh girl! you are in my prayers! i am so sorry that happened! but your attitude is encouraging and so honoring to the Lord! and He rejoices in your attitude that points to Him in every situation!
    girl i love you. rest up. kisses.