May 24, 2010

you get what you pray for

i prayed for faith, i broke a bone. i prayed for patience, i got a cast and crutches. i prayed for reliance on GOD, i found dependence. i prayed for humility, i became helpless. i prayed for direction, i was placed right where i was. i prayed for a better prayer life, i got time to myself. i prayed for GOD to lead my steps, and i could no longer walk alone.

i am always fascinated when we ask GOD for things and then are surprised when HE gives us exactly what we asked for. we want a stronger faith, but we only want our faith to be developed in ease and comfort. we ask for patience because we're supposed to, but heaven forbid we get a totally annoying situation in which we have to be patient in order to obtain it. we ask for a better relationship with our FATHER, but we don't expect to be presented a stretch of time when it's just the two of us.

so why pray? i mean if prayer just means painful situations of growth instead of happiness, why do it? prayer is supposed to be about finding solutions and not creating problems and obstacles, right? or better yet, shouldn't we just pray for things that will only bring happiness without struggles?

well, i prayed for all of the above things, and i am slowly getting them, but obviously not in the way i expected at all. but as it says in the book i am reading (the ultimate life), "problems viewed in the past are revealed as blessings." so i will continue to pray for these difficult things because i know it's only through struggles and problems that the traits i want to have are truly cultivated. i have noticed that my faith is always the strongest just as i'm passing through a little rough patch.

and i will continue to say GOD is good. all the time.

"ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you." matthew 7:7

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  1. I feel ya, sweet girl. I prayed for God's hand in my plans and for Him to lead me according to His will and not mine this summer. I assumed that meant He would bless what I had in mind and He completely changed the situation.

    He truly does work for the good of those who serve Him, even when it is in ways we never expected.

    Hope you're healing well and enjoying your summer!