October 4, 2010

if the shoe fits

for those of you who have been asking: yes, this is a charissa original. ;) enjoy.

girls are like shoes. they come in different shapes and sizes. in different colors and personalities. they bring comfort. they bring pain. they help you walk better than you did before. or they slow you down. they make you look good. but you also know when it's time for a new pair. but after walking with those shoes that feel like the perfect fit, you wonder how you ever went barefoot before.

a guy goes into a shoe store. and you as a shoe hope that you stand out. that you are extra shiny that day. that you look your best. but as the guy patrols the aisles, you know that no matter how great of a shoe you are, whether you are chosen or not is up to him.

and then he starts walking down your aisle. you stand up a little straighter and try to look even better. and you watch as he begins to notice other shoes. he glances at one pair but then looks away. he contemplates another but keeps moving. and right as he approaches your box, he stops. is he looking at you or the shoes beside you? oh, he is definitely looking at you! you know because it's got all the other shoes talking.

the sales clerk comes by and asks if he needs any help, and he simply replies, "no, i just really like these shoes." he picks you up. he holds you. out of all the other pairs of shoes, he chooses you. and you can see the wheels turning in his head through his eyes.

he decides to give it a try, and you start walking with him. you wonder whether he thinks you're a perfect fit. or maybe he needs more space. or maybe he'd like you to be closer. maybe you're a running shoe but he needs a walking shoe. or maybe you're a boot, but he wants to run a marathon.

maybe you just don't fit. or maybe he prefers a different style. maybe he sees how much you cost and decides to settle for a cheaper pair. or maybe he's not ready to make a purchase at all. maybe the timing is off. maybe you are a winter boot, and it's the middle of summer. maybe he decides that if he's still interested in awhile, he'll come back and claim you. maybe he just has cold feet, but for whatever reason, he puts you back in your box and places your box back on the shelf.

but as the seasons change and the air gets colder, the guy's feet really start to feel cold, and he starts thinking about those winter boots. he starts wondering: what would life be like if i had bought those boots? those boots looked pretty good, and i bet i would look pretty good with those boots. those boots fit really well, and after the other shoes i've seen, those might be the best in the store. i wonder if they are still available.

so he drives to the shoe store for the sole purpose of purchasing those boots. he parks his car and starts walking, almost skipping, soon running to claim those shoes. he finally knows what he wants, those perfect-fitting boots that he had just held in his very hands just a short time ago. he walks into the shoe store and goes right to the aisle, to the very spot where the shoes...were. someone else got the boots. in a brief moment of hope, he thinks that maybe they were placed on the wrong shelf. he searches the whole store looking frantically for them, but they are gone.

it's winter now, and there are 20 different pairs of boots. they are all pretty functional and capable of keeping his feet warm, but they are not the boots. and as he purchases a pair of boots that look good but just don't fit quite as well, he knows he will never have the boots he wanted again.

the moral of this post? if the shoe fits, wear it.

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