January 17, 2011

the dream house

finding a man is like buying a house.

every girl has a dream house. and every dream house is unique. while one girl wants a 3 story mansion made of brick, another girl wants a tiny cottage made of siding and surrounded by a white picket fence. one girl wants a log cabin in the middle of nature, while another girl wants a 2 story townhouse in the middle of the city.

and we girls are told to shop around. to make a list of the requirements for the house we seek. that we need to have in mind what we want so that we won't settle for less. that we might think we want one house but might fall in love with its complete opposite. that we might want a certain house at a certain age but that our minds might change over time. that one house might appear to be really good, but one look inside will tell us it's not exactly what it seems.

some girls have the luxury of finding their dream house at a very young age and purchasing the first house that they ever find. others go from house to house never quite finding what they're looking for. some enter a house and know immediately that it's just not the one for them. others get right up to the big purchase and suddenly decide that they just can't go through with the deal. some get tired of searching and start believing they'll never find the dream house, so they settle for a house that is nothing of what they wanted but is still, no less, a house. others decide that since they've waited so long already that they can wait a little longer and continue the search.

when the search begins, we girls believe that we can go house hunting alone, but we soon find in time that this search goes a lot better with a whole team of realtors. not only do we want to love the house, but we want all of our friends and family to love the house, too. and we would be foolish not to take their opinions into consideration.

and that being said, there are a few things to consider and a few questions to ask ourselves: is this the house i've been dreaming of and praying for? is this house too good to be true? does it cost a lot more than its worth, or is it worth infinitely more than they're selling it for? can i trust this house? is this house even stable? will it bring me joy and laughter? or will it be a big pain in the neck? how old is this house? and does this house act its age? will i be able to paint those shutters? because they look awful. and can i please redo that kitchen? where is the laundry room? what changes need to and can be made, and what will i not be able to fix? what is this house's story? did this house have a previous owner? who lived here before? and what kind of damage has this house been through? is the leaky faucet the worst of my problems? or is there a crack in the whole foundation?

and the ultimate question is: how will this house handle the storm? the tornado? the earthquake? the flood? the fire? will it cave in under the pressure? or will it stand firm? what is this house's foundation? what is at the root of this house? what is this house truly made of?

and then that day comes. you're driving down a random street in the middle of a strange neighborhood. you accidentally got lost in this neighborhood because you were so frustrated with your search. you're about to give up, turn around, and go home. and then you look up. and there it is. the house you've been waiting for.

you pull into the driveway and are almost honking your horn with excitement. but then reality sets in, and you prepare yourself for the worst. this house may look good on the outside just like the others did but might be the same story within. but this time you walk in, and it's exactly what you've dreamed. sure maybe the kitchen's located in a different part of the house. and maybe a few faucets leak while a couple of floors creak. but somehow you just know that this is the house you've been waiting for. all of the previous worries are gone. all of the other houses are forgotten. and there is no doubt in your mind. and in a short matter of time the sign out front goes from "for sale" to "sold."

special note: this is the counterpart to the previous post "if the shoe fits" which can be found here. :)

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