January 12, 2011

so kiss me

"an honest answer is like a kiss on the lips." proverbs 24:26

it's our greatest desire and at the same time our greatest fear. it hurts while at the same time setting us free. some kill in the name of it, others die at the hand of it. some are brought together by it while others are torn apart. you can bend it and twist it. you can misuse it and abuse it. and things can never be the same once you hear it. the first reaction to it is anger, but love can't exist without it. people are made powerful upon receiving it, and without it trust is obsolete. some search their whole lives to find it. others have it but take its power for granted. and at the end of the day, it always finds a way to be revealed: the truth.

how many of us when describing ourselves would say that we are frequent and habitual liars? the truth is, most of us never intend on lying and try to avoid telling any big lies as much as possible. but when viewing ourselves in an honest light, how many lies to we tell by simply twisting the truth or omitting some of the facts? how many times do we say one thing but do the exact opposite? how many facades do we display by not revealing all of our cracks? how many lies do we tell because we're simply not willing to expose the whole truth?

how many stories do we exaggerate? and how many facts of stories do we tweak to portray ourselves in a better light? how many things never happen because we're too afraid to say how we feel? and how many people do we lead on because we're too afraid to say how we don't feel? are we too afraid or ashamed to stand for the standards for which we've always stood? do we swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth in how we act, speak, and even breathe?

i'm amazed at the ability of the truth to always find a way to be revealed. even if a person never intends on someone else learning it, it always finds a way to be uncovered. sometimes people are brave enough to tell it, knowing that it very likely will bring about hurt and pain. others lack the courage, and allow a series of events to uncover it in their cowardice. others try to mask it and hide it at all costs as they are far too ashamed for it to ever come to light. but no matter the circumstances, it always does.

i love the witty analogies of the bible. as the proverb above says, an honest answer is like a kiss on the lips. so kiss me, with the truth. because when we give people the truth, we give them the best kiss they could ever receive. when we give people the truth, no matter how much it might hurt, we give them 2 gifts they didn't have even the day before: freedom and power. no matter how disappointed or hurt or angry they might be, they now have the power that didn't exist yesterday to improve and to seek better.

and while ignorance is bliss, knowledge is power. while we might enjoy living in a state of illusion, empowerment is born in reality. and while we might rather be bound and blissful than free and broken, we have to see the unveiling of our new knowledge as a gift. and no matter how angry we are when a person tells us truth that we didn't even see coming or ever want to hear or believe, we have to thank them for having the courage to set us free.

"watch your thoughts, they become words. watch your words, they become actions. watch your actions, they become habits. watch your habits, they become your character. watch your character, it becomes your destiny." unknown

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