February 10, 2011

the fence

not up, and not down. not in, and not out. not right, and not left. not here, and not there. not right, and not wrong. not yes, and not no. in the gray. in the land of maybe. in the middle. riding the fence.

we humans dwell in indecision. in uncertainty. in no promises. in no commitments. in no definition. in gray area. we want our potential to be full. our possibility to be endless. our sky to be limitless, where anything can happen.

so we ride the fence. for as long as we possibly can. we make no promises. no commitments. no certainties. there is no yes or no. no definition. no decision. there is only the gray area of potentials and possibilities, with all options being left open.

we like our freedom, which is why we ride the fence instead of choosing a side. if we step into the area enclosed by the fence, we risk our freedom and our possibility of escape. but if we step into the area surrounding the fence, we risk the chance that the encircled ground was the eden of which we always dreamed, a different type of prison. so we stay on the fence unable to decide.

and we teeter totter horizontally on the fence. we over-analyze and complicate every little detail of our decision. one day we lean to one side almost sure that it is the right choice to make. but the very next day our opinion completely changes, and we find ourselves on the other side of the fence.

we fear imprisonment. that once we make a decision there's no going back. that once we choose a side, the fence will be too high to climb and to get back over. some fences truly are bad and bind us to something of which we long to be set free. but we are misled into thinking that all fences are bad. that all fences are prisons. that the grass will always be greener on the other side. that there is nothing worth staying with inside the fence.

but no matter how long we try to ride the fence, there comes a time when we have to fall off and to choose a side. with every fence in our lives, we have only one choice: to give in to it or to get over it. we can either choose to stay inside the gated area or to pursue the unfenced side. either way, there is no gray area. there is no land of maybe. there is no middle. there is giving in or getting over.

if we find that we are becoming a certain type of person, we can either give in to it or get over it. if we start feeling negative pressure from other people, we can give in to it or get over it. if we are plagued with addiction, we can give in to it or get over it. if we find we have feelings for another person, we can either give in to them or get over them. if we are paralyzed with fear, we can give in to it or get over it. if we have pasts that haunt us, we can either give in to them or get over them. if we start a relationship with JESUS CHRIST, we can either give in to it or get over it.

but ultimately, there is no fence to ride. there is no middle ground. there is no in-between. there is no gray area. there are only sides. and eventually our only choice is to actually make a choice.

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