April 16, 2011

the essay

being the daughter of a minister, i have encountered many questions about my faith during my lifetime. now that i have reached an age where i have made my faith my own, i am constantly asked by people why i choose to worship the way that i do, which ironically has always remained the same. if you would like to know my personal beliefs and opinions, feel free to ask me, and i'll be more than happy to have a discussion with you with an open heart. but i choose to worship the way that i do because i view worship like writing an essay.

worship is just like writing an essay. for the essay, the TEACHER has given a few specific guidelines and directions. the TEACHER has given you a specific topic to write about. HE'S asked that you please type your work. HE'S asked that it be typed in size 12 times new roman font. but HE has not indicated how long HE wants the paper to be or whether HE wants the paper to be single or double-spaced.

HE has given, instead, an example of an A paper. a paper that truly pleased HIM and exemplified what HE wanted. and that essay is 5 pages in length with the lines double-spaced. and although there's no specific guidelines for length and spacing, one can assume that if you write a 5-page, double-spaced essay, the TEACHER is going to be pleased.

and ultimately that's what it's about: pleasing the TEACHER. as much as you might love to write about another subject, the TEACHER has given you a specific topic. as much as you might love to type with a good, ole georgia font, the TEACHER has asked for times new roman. and as much as you might want to cop out and just write a 2-page paper or to keep writing and add extra information, the TEACHER has given an example consisting of 5 pages.

and because you love your TEACHER so much and because you are seeking HIS ways instead of your own, you put HIS wants above yours and do exactly what HE says. not that HE wouldn't be gracious if your paper was only 4 pages. not that HE wouldn't forgive a georgia font. not that you wouldn't receive an A if your paper was single-spaced. but because ultimately you want whatever it is that HE wants in order to write the essay that will bring HIM the most glory.

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