April 28, 2011

how to: make cake balls

the other day someone asked for my cake ball recipe, and suddenly i realized that i had never put it on here for all of you. whether it's been making red velvet cake balls with cream cheese icing or going crazy with funfetti cake balls with strawberry icing, the cake ball is a crowd favorite that always brings success. so here is my recipe, and i hope it brings you and all of those who share in its goodness lots of joy!

what you need:

● 1 box of cake mix/ingredients for the cake
● 1 package of vanilla almond bark
● 1 jar of icing
● 2 bowls and clean hands
● wax paper and a spoon

what you do:

1) buy a cake and bake it as you normally would using the directions on the box.
2) allow the cake to cool, and then using your hands and fingers, crumble the cake into little pieces in a bowl.
3) add a whole jar of the icing of your choice to the cake crumbles (example: red velvet cake uses cream cheese icing).
4) mix the cake and the icing evenly together until you don't see any extra pieces of cake or of icing. i've found it's easiest to mix it with your hands.
5) put a whole package of vanilla almond bark in a bowl and melt in the microwave for 90 seconds. if you need to reheat the almond bark, melt it again in increments of 15 seconds to avoid burning it.
6) roll cake/icing combination into balls, and roll the balls in the melted vanilla almond bark with a spoon (i make mine small so i can eat more and feel less guilty).
7) place them on wax paper with the spoon and allow them to cool.
8) eat and enjoy!

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