May 15, 2011

adventures in europe: england

i wanted to get one more story of prayer from europe in before i start writing about my adventures in africa. this last one took place in london at the end of my semester abroad.

i had traveled to london at the end of my 3-month adventure in europe with 3 of my good girl friends. we were going to spend 3 days in london before flying back home to america. we were also going to be meeting up with the rest of our friends to celebrate my 20th birthday at the hard rock cafe on that first night. i would also be reuniting with my travel buddies, my identical twin best friends haley and holly, because we would be flying home a different way than everybody else.

london has 5 airports. the rest of my friends were all going to be flying back to detroit before meeting their connecting flights to their appointed cities, so they would all be traveling out of the heathrow airport. but because the twins and i were flying back to alabama, we would be traveling a different route and departing out of london city airport. so in other words, it was imperative that i quickly meet up with the twins.

for whatever reason we hadn't come up with a plan of where we would meet or how we would even get to the airport which is in the dead center of the city. because of the time of our flight, all of the subways wouldn't be running in time to get us there. a taxi cost approximately $20 per 3 blocks. and my hostel and their hotel were several miles apart. so we would have to meet up and soon in order to figure it out.

the problem with meeting up with haley and holly in london to devise our departure plan is that london is a really big city. and with no cell phones and only facebook messages, timing in our communication would be everything. and as the first day was coming near an end, i began to feel overwhelmed at the thought of finding these girls in one of the biggest cities in the world.

so on that first night in london, headed to the hard rock cafe to celebrate my birthday, i felt more nervous and anxious than excited. and so as my friends and i got off of the subway and walked the few blocks to the restaurant, i started praying: "LORD, this is going to seem really silly, so get ready. but i am really nervous and anxious about meeting up with haley and holly in time to come up with our plan to get back to america. i really need to get back to america. so as crazy as this is, i need to see haley and holly. so LORD, if you could please just work out a way for me to see them immediately, i would be really grateful."

right as we were approaching the door to the hard rock cafe, i said my amen. as i grabbed the handle of the door i realized that people were on the other side of it, so i decided to stand back and hold it open for them. and when i opened the door, the people on the other side...were haley and holly.

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  1. i tried to comment on this yesterday; guess it didn't take. i distinctly remember this day and the long conversation about all the changes we went through that semester....we learned a lot my friend and it was a blessing to spend that final evening with you. prayers as you venture to africa.