May 28, 2011

where YOU lead: here in this place

we worked intensely this week and completed our first week of therapy, and the children are already making progress in every area. our babies with TB and HIV started gaining more control and strength and started being able to feed without any leaking or spitting up. our toddlers started talking, singing, and following directions. we are all so excited and happy about the improvement they’re making.

today we drove into a town called choma which is approximately 1 hour away. we shopped in a market for chitenges, and kara and i, with the support of brian and justin, had excellent success, paying only 7,000 kwatcha (about $1.50) for each one. we stuck out like sore thumbs as we were the only caucasians to be found. our favorite things said to us today were, “white people, t-shirts!” and “you are american. come here!”

we went to the choma museum where we bought handmade souvenirs including spears, bowls, paintings, animal figurines, and all kinds of other things. on the drive back i was proposed to in the car by a zambian on the side of the road. it was very tempting as our car was temporarily stopped and he took one look at me and yelled, “marry me,” but i decided that wasn’t the best plan of action at this point in my life and had to turn him down. brian was extremely amused.

when we got back to namwianga we attended our first zambian wedding. two members of the church were getting married, and our group was invited. it was one of the most awesome experiences of my life. the bridal party danced down the aisle with various dances in order to start the celebration. the bride and groom wore a matching shirt and dress made of the same patterned and colorful fabric. people kept cheering and dancing in their seats and in the aisle to rejoice for the new couple. and just when you thought the dancing and celebrating was over, it would all start back up again, and a group of us got up and attempted to learn their wedding celebration dances with them, which only made the fact that we are caucasian americans more apparent. we stayed for 2 and a half hours, but the excitement lasted for the rest of the night.

i love embracing this zambian culture. i love the singing. i love the languages. i love the dances. i love the weddings. i love the food. i love the temperature. i love the people. i love the children. and i love discovering GOD here in this place.

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  1. What techniques are you using to help the ill infants increase strength? The stretches you mentioned earlier? I am so glad you are experiencing many blessings while in Africa!! Miss you sister!