May 25, 2011

where YOU lead: the sick haven

yesterday we were working in haven 3, which is the haven with babies and toddlers diagnosed either with failure to thrive, TB, or HIV, when an episode of sheer hilarity broke out. 4 little toddler boys had just finished their bathes and had broken free of their auntie’s grasp. they ran completely naked all throughout the haven hugging all of us with their naked, little selves and giggling the whole time. it was one of the most adorable scenes of my life.

when walking into haven 3, a lot of different thoughts enter your mind. you know that you are about to enter a house full of sickness and disease. you know that you will have to take precautions not to get the disease yourself. you know that you are about to enter a house where there has been death and where death will come again. you know that you are about to witness innocent and pure little children who had no choice in receiving their illnesses. and you know that at any time a healthy baby or toddler could be moved to the sick group.

and then you think about what if you accidentally sent one of the healthy babies or children into the sick haven. what if you got 2 of them mixed up during community playtime and one of them was put among the diseased? what if a healthy baby entered into a sick haven?

and those thoughts have made me learn something new about my GOD. because my GOD took HIS only SON and sent him to the sick haven. HE took a perfect and innocent baby and put him in a world full of disease. and instead of trying not to catch our diseases, JESUS took on the illnesses of us all. HE knew that it wasn’t the healthy who needed the doctor, and HE humbled HIMSELF to the point of taking on our iniquity.

HE became cursed. HE was despised. HE was rejected. HE was considered stricken and afflicted. HE was one from whom men hide their faces. HE was familiar with suffering. and HE was obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross.

and because HE entered the sick haven, we may live.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVED when the girls from the pink room had just had their baths. The cutest thing ever.