October 20, 2012

the upgrade

"the good often becomes the enemy of the best in life." jackie kendall, "lady in waiting"

"what if what i think is great really is great, but it's not as great as something greater?" steve, "the wedding planner"

it had been 2 long years. when i say that everyone else was getting one, i mean that literally everyone else was getting one. i had been patient, and with a dave ramsey kind of mindset, i had made the best out of my current situation. but there was no denying it: it was time for a change.

after much consideration, i approached my parents about it for some advice and wisdom. and to my utter delight, they confirmed that it was, in fact, time for an upgrade. it was finally time to upgrade my 2-year-old, outdated cell phone for the iphone.

at the time of my previous cellular upgrade, the iphone was just coming out, but i had been so ready for a new phone that i hadn't been willing to wait for the best phone. so i had settled and gone ahead and purchased a new phone. but even though the phone was new and much better than my previous phone, i knew it wasn't quite the best and that if i had been a little more patient i would have ended up with something better.

in thinking on this situation, i couldn't help but make the connection to the decisions that we make in our everyday lives. sometimes we are so ready for something new, or just something in general, that we aren't willing to wait for the best or right thing. but i've said it before, and i'll say it again: i would rather be stuck with nothing than be stuck with the wrong something.

sometimes we jump into friendships so that we will no longer feel lonely, not realizing that certain friendships could lead us down a new path in which we would be much better off alone. sometimes we jump into dating relationships so that we will at least have something even if we know it's not the right thing or really what we want or have prayed for. sometimes we jump into jobs or positions solely for the title and the paycheck that we will receive and not for doing something we truly love. sometimes we get something new, whatever it may be, for the sole purpose of having something new, different, and shiny even though we know that it's not the best quality and that deep down we could do a lot better.

sometimes in life, we are long overdue for an upgrade, and GOD is just waiting to give us that upgrade if we will only ask for it. sometimes we should have just held out a little longer and not settled in the first place, and GOD is silently begging that we just trust HIM and wait on HIS perfect timing. sometimes we don't realize that every good and perfect gift comes only from GOD and that when we choose to act outside of HIS will and timing, we can only set ourselves up for disappointment.

sometimes something may truly be good, but it's simply not the best or what GOD had in store. sometimes something may really be great, but it's just simply not as great as something greater. and we sell ourselves short when we buy, choose, date, marry, worship, idolize...settle for something different or less than GOD'S good and perfect.

today, there's a new iphone out that i don't have, and i realize that by the time i bought it, apple would already be working on the next one. there's a time in life when we must learn to be content and satisfied with the good things that we've found and the upgrades that we've been given. but there is a distinct difference in being content and in being complacent, and complacency is something that we must continually rise above and never choose to settle for. we must wait upon the LORD and fully believe that every good and perfect gift does and will come from HIM.

special note: thank you to my awesome grandmother for making my iphone possible!

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