May 23, 2013

how to: make a magnetic organization board

1) find a flat, metal board that is magnetic. for my board, i purchased a decorative metal sign from hobby lobby which was 50% off, and while i definitely am a ford fan, i know that i will be an even bigger fan of my board. other types of metal boards that can be used are metal clipboards or even flat cookie sheets. it all just depends on the preferred size, and it is important to make sure that there will be a way to efficiently hang your creation. this specific sign has nail holes near each of the 4 corners.

2) cover the metal sheet with the thin scrapbook paper of your choice. the purpose of using paper as opposed to fabric is so that the metal underneath can easily remain magnetic. i find using mod podge with a paintbrush allows the glue to spread evenly without noticeable spots or drops of glue under the paper.

 3) hot glue ribbon around the edges as the trim. i was feeling some yellow rosette.

4) add the information you want to organize to the board. i created these custom lists because i want to start planning my meals and chores for each week (dedicating a specific chore to a certain day of the week), but there are many free templates to be found online. i then covered the 5 by 7 sheets of paper with 5 by 7 replacement picture frame inserts which can also be purchased at hobby lobby. the lists are now miniature dry erase boards so that i can customize them for each new week.

 5) i then added another round of rosette ribbon as trim to my organized lists, and voila! i now have a magnetic, dry erase organizational board to hang in my kitchen.

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