June 13, 2013

the meaning of moore

this poem is dedicated to the tornado victims of moore, oklahoma. i took this photo at one of the work sites that our youth group helped to clear. this kitchen was all that remained of the house.

we are americans, hear us roar.
we are americans, always wanting more.

the perfect house with the white picket fence.
and a camera to capture it with a brand new lens.

beautiful furniture to fill our house.
wonderful children and the perfect spouse.

a serene landscape to complete our yard.
everything nice and easy and nothing too hard.

an excellent job that supplies our every need.
and that ensures our wants are all guaranteed.

every technological device that begins with an "i."
and all the little things that fill our emptiness inside.

a life of convenience, simple and sure.
a life uninterrupted, pleasant and pure.

a life undamaged, without evidence of debris.
a life unhindered, without the burden of worry.

but they are americans, and they want moore.
just wanting moore the way that it was before.

just wanting their house, who cares about the fence?
wanting all their lost photos, taken by a now broken lens.

their grandmother's piece of furniture that once was in the house.
their dead children or their dead spouse.

the broken limbs to be removed from the yard.
a better tomorrow even if today is really hard.

the job that no longer exists, just to supply today's need.
and that ensures that dinner tonight can be guaranteed.

some kind of telephone that doesn't have to start with an "i."
that can help to hear a loved one's voice to fill the emptiness inside.

a life a little more convenient, much more difficult but sure.
a life now interrupted, but still pleasant and pure.

a life now damaged, scattered with debris.
but a life a little less hindered, by tomorrow having a little less worry.

and maybe now we americans,
having experienced something we maybe haven't before,
can start having a better appreciation of the meaning of moore.