August 22, 2013

$10 tricks

the following creations are ones that i have made for my classroom for $10 or less.

this crayola crayon wreath is hanging above the door inside my classroom. i started by buying a styrofoam ring which can be purchased at walmart, hobby lobby, and even some dollar stores. i then covered it with fabric that i already had by using hot glue. i then hot-glued a box of 64 crayons all around the ring, and i created the rosettes simply by wrapping pieces of fabric and setting them with hot glue.
this artificial flower arrangement is very deceiving as it is a vase full of the pens that the parents of my clients will use to sign their paperwork. i found everything that you see here at the dollar tree. i simply cut the artificial flowers and hot-glued them to the ends of the pens and placed them in a plastic vase so that if it falls over it won't break.
this is one of my favorites: boy and girl germ-x! i purchased the germ-x at walmart but found the fake bugs for the boys and the plastic butterflies and flowers for the girls all at the dollar tree for $1 for each pack. i then simply placed the pieces down in the germ-x and used the pump to set them in their places.
my boss shared this idea with me and the other slp's in our district. you simply write all of the letters of the alphabet on 3 cups and place a paperclip on the first one. you then rotate the other cups in order to change the words. you can change the onset (first consonant), nucleus (vowel), or coda (final consonant) in order to target whatever you are addressing in therapy: articulation, initial or final consonant deletion, phonemic awareness, rhyming, etc.

and i've spruced up some of the baskets in my speech room in order to disguise their contents by turning them into artificial flower arrangements. baskets were purchased at the dollar tree, and the flowers were purchased at hobby lobby for 50% off.

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